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The Creators Collection

If you are Reading this you are a Part of a lucky 10 to be a part of the Creators Collection

These NFT Hold the Value a little different to the other Collection One NFT's

These NFT's are a Combination of the Creator & lead Design Artist

Please note that this page is still running on the Web2 so can be accessed through the link, as this is the case we will keeping all important information in our Discord community until our Web3 Site is ready.


Creator's NFT

Exclusive Launch Party

All Collection One Holders will be invite to the IRL Clansman Team Launch Party, Information about this event will be released over the development time. All Creator NFT Holders will get a full paid trip to the party where ever it is.

Thank You From The Entire Clansman Team

Thank you for Believing in our Project, We will be working hard over the whole course of the process & Building our community as we go

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