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The Clansman project will begin with 3 phases of development. This is broken down into projects. Projects 1 & 2 are expected to take 6 months while project 3 is the full development of the game which will have many stages of production.

Road Map


Road Map


2022 - Q2

  • Build the Best Discord Community we can

  • Whitelist for Collection One Now Open

  • Weekly NFT Giveaway & IRL Prizes begin

  • Finding Projects our Community can Trust through Project Collaborations

  • Weekly AMA’s for our Discord Community 

  • Clansman White papers Released

  • Potential Flash Sale @ Crazy Prices



  • Collection One Whitelist Sale

  • Web3 Site & Game development begin

  • 100k of IRL Prizes to be won between Collection 1 & 2

  • Collection 3 designers start work on - The NFT Avatar’s 

  • Public Collection One Sale goes Live

  • Holders Vote on what metaverse Clansman Should build their First Club House



  • Collection Two whitelist opens

  • Purchase & Clubhouse in Founder voted metaverse

  • Merch Drop for Holders (Who will get the PC?)

  • Clansman Podcast / YouTube Channel Drops

  • Whitelist Founder Coin Minting

  • Public Founders Coin Minting



  • CLAN begin its journey to the Exchange

  • Clansman Blockchain Built

  • Collection 3 - The Clansman NFT Avatars 

(Founder Collection Exclusive)

  • Over 1 Million In IRL Prize to give out before Alpha


Much Much More

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Clansman - The Guild Wars

Clansman is the Next Generation of MMORPG games.


Utilizing Blockchain & NFT technology we are able to give users ownership like never before.

Creating a completely unique Ecosystem we are able to create a system that rewards our users on a daily basis, with over 20 ways for users to make money; from NFT forging to Rare Drops that can be exchanged for Cryptocurrency.

Bring the Game to you

Clansman will be built in the Web3 space creating our own Metaverse. With the progression of Metaverse projects we expect to hit Multiple devices from VR, Mobile, Pc and more.

Through a variety of projects throughout the production of the game we will be running Giveaways, Blogs, Vlogs, Weekly Updates on Social Media & a Special page will be created for our Founders Coin holders where they will get behind the scenes access like never before.

Join us now so that you can be   a part of history.

About Us

We are a collection of Avid gamers with a combined average of 10 years game play experience. Utilizing our different skills from our professions we created not just a game, but a way to make gaming our lives & help others do the same. Through this, Clansman was born.

Detailed Team overview in Discord

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