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Project One & Two named the Founder Project is quite possibly the most Exciting part of the Entire Project!

The Founders Project is very straight forward; to sell 25% of the Shares for the Clansman Game.

25% of the shares have been divided up between 8632 Founders Coins.

This Means that YOU become a share holder & become tied to Clansman for as long as you are holding your Coin.

This has been designed with one purpose in mind - Building a Game by Gamers for Gamers. By bringing this project to a larger company we are at risk of the profits being funnelled to the top 1% of stakeholders in the company.


I want to Create a game that is built off full Transparency towards it's users as this is the fundamental idea behind the Developing Company Shadow Entertainment

Collection One & Two is made with 4 Main Utilities / Contracts within the NFT Collections that has never been done before.

Total Sale - 777 NFTs

A part of Collection One is a RARE NFT that will be auctioned off 1 week after the Founders Sale.

Only Collection One Holders are allowed to bid for this Item

Clansman Collection

One - ERC 1155

After great thought about our community we have decided to sell the Collection One on the PolyETH Network on OpenSea, Head over to our discord to see how you can purchase today.

Founders Coin Box - FCB

3 months after the Collection One Founder Sale we will have our Web3 site ready for the minting of the Founder Coins. 

A Total of 378 Founders Coin Boxes will be up for sale & 1 for auction.

Upon Founder Day Minting, with this NFT in your wallet you will Mint the Founders Coin that matches your FCB. Once Minted you will then Hold the Collection 2 Founder Coin.

You will still retain your FCB to receive the other Perks to Collection One Holders

The Golden Scroll

These NFT's are amazing.

By holding one of these scroll at each minting

Alpha, Beta & Game Launch 

you will Receive a NFT Avatar for free

what's more you will all be guaranteed a to mint into a different clan each time

Holding this NFT also get you all the Perks of the Founders Collection, so hold on to it!

The Hero's Journey

5 x 40 unique NFTs

When the Dungeon first appeared throughout the Clansman's land no one could defeat them until........

5 Heroes, 1 from each Clan, came together and formed a party. They took on the Dungeon & became the first to defeat it & thus began The Guild Wars.

The 5 Heroes are very unique Clansman which are Called the Original Heroes (OH) 

These Clansman are 1 of a kind & come with In-game abilities they got from defeating the dungeon. They will also come with special in game event perks to be announced at a later date

These NFTs will be represented by each of the different Clans. Upon Alpha Avatar Minting this NFT will allow you to Mint the corresponding Clansman i.e. Human OH NFT - Mints a Human Avatar

While holding this NFT you will have a 1 in 40 Chance of Minting the 

 Original Hero Clansman

Founders Ticket

Only 100 Available 

The Founders Ticket has been created to give you everything you need from Collection Two to Game Launch.

By Holding this NFT you will receive the following 

- 1 Free Founder Coin on Minting Day

- 1 Free NFT Avatar Alpha Minting 

Exclusive Invites to IRL Clansman Events

Early Founders Perks

Collection One holders will be rewarded like never before!

Throughout this project we will announce various Exclusive giveaways & rewards for our Collection One holders including but not limited to;

- Exclusive insights into The Shadow Entertainment Project with Pre-Whitelist for any new NFT projects

- Clansman Game pack; This will be a collection of various NFT and in game items

- Invites to Exclusive Clansman launch Parties 

- Alpha game play once released

- Early notice of all Minting

- Exclusive IRL & NFT giveaways

Collection Two will be the Final Sale of the Founders Coins

Founders Minting Day we will be selling the remaining Founder Coins through a randomized generator.

Founders Coins hold 5 different Values

NFT Amount / Share Value

7 920 / .25 

500  / .5 

200 / 1.

10  / 5.

& 1 of 1 Worth 10 Shares

For each Coin Minted you are Guaranteed to Mint a Coin worth


but you will also have a chance to Mint a high value based on chance.

Holding a Founders Coin comes with unique Features & Utilities that have not been done in the NFT space.

One of the Keys features of the Founder Coins is that it stands as a beacon for Quarterly Profit Share 

This mean that every quarter you will receive a portion of the profits created by the Clansman, This will be airdropped to the Holder of the Coin

This Feature is enabled from the moment we launch the Full Game.

While you wait for this to happen there will be many features of holding a Collection Two NFT including but not limited to;

- Entry into all giveaways

- Opportunity to become Whitelisted to Hold a Guild Coin (Limited Supply)

Founder Reports; Quarterly report for Shareholders (Web3 Page)

- Reserve your Gamer Tag

There will also be 2 other NFT's to be Sold Founders Day TBA

Early Founders Perks

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